Happy Halloween

Hey Guys!!!

Saturday, it’s  HALLOWEEN !!!! Yeahhhhh

Yeah, But as you know, there is no Halloween without Costumes, Witches, Bats, Spiders…… and CANDIES.

Yes, You know the evil candies, which even a tiny little chocolate bar is 170 calories with 18g of sugar.

As a health professional , I will tell you, stay away from the candies, don’t trick or treat, stay at your home and don’t have fun. lol

But I’m human, I have 2 children who can’t wait to trick or treat (my husband and I too!!!)  so I give you a real advice.

If you are one of my clients, you already know that you can have only one cheat meal by week. So this week, your cheat meal will be Saturday.

Follow your diet plan seriously all week, and saturday put on your costume and have fun, follow your diet plan (eat every 3 hours, high protein, low carb, low fat, drink a lot of water) and saturday night go trick or treat, and enjoy your candies.

Of course stay reasonable, don’t eat candies until you are sick. You have a fitness goal, remember!!!

And of course, because it’s my job to kick your but. Your next workout will be LEGENDARY !!!!!!!







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